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Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

IMDB: 7.8

2009, 7 seasons to date

Comedy / Reality-TV

By Shane Nickerson

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A crew of people come up with new things to do every week. One day, they may work on a business franchise. Another day, they might go and make someone ride a bull, or shoot burritos at people.

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Season 1

  • Extreme Timmy

    Rob and legendary skateboarder Danny Way team up in an attempt to break the world record (70mph) for fastest land speed on a towed skateboard. As they prepare for the big day, Rob begins to see a unique connection developing between his cousin Drama and a life-sized test dummy they call "Timmy the Testie." On the day of the record-breaking attempt, severe winds threaten both the safety of Rob and Danny, and the success of their perilous stunt.

    Extreme Timmy
  • Motelier

    Rob is offered the opportunity to redevelop and add the Dyrdek name to his very own Las Vegas Motel. Excited by the prospect of becoming a "Motelier," Rob drags Drama and Corpo to Vegas with him, to take a look at his new, potential business venture. While they are in Las Vegas, the four of them ride down more than a mile and a half of high-speed ziplines, to see if it's something Rob might want to add to the Fantasy Factory. The foursome also visit Big Bear Lake, where they blob into frigid, ice cold water. After the zipline installation at the Fantasy Factory is ...

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Season 5

Season 6

  • Butt Brothers

    Big Black asks Rob for help making his rear end look good for a medical exam; Chanel trains to defend herself against stalkers.

    Butt Brothers
  • Shoe Trees

    Rob and Big make an infomercial for shoe trees, and Rob finds Drama's old diary.

    Shoe Trees
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